Editorial Widget

Recirculate and monetize using relevant content.

Our widgets are a great option to drive user retention and revenue using premium content on your site!

Drive retention using quality content

Flexiblity by your layout.

Our widget options come in a range of sizes and layout that you can pick and choose from
List View

Ideal to be placed in the right rail, this layout comes in a 300x600 wrap with three article lead-ins stacked with a 300x250 ad unit to monetize from!

Tile view

Comes in 3x3 or a 3x2 grid option  to be placed at the end of the article or even inline. Has multiple 300x250 ad-units mixed with articles from the Nordot library


INLINE recommendation widget tags all the articles on site contextually to be dynamically placed inline. Has articles stacked with a 300x250 unit horizontally.

Our widgets are customizable to match the font of your site and also borders can be matched to your brand colors to provide a completely native look and feel on your site.

Potential revenue

Know your potential.

Reach out to us with your site URL and pageviews, and get an estimate on how much you stand to make monthly using our widget solutions!