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01. Sign up and Opt in to multiple channels on Nordot

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Why Nordot ?

Nordot streamlines the complex syndication process. You get distribution in all the top channels and control what you share.

Preferred partnerships with Nordot exclusive rates

Dedicated support for quicker troubleshooting

Proactive feed and performance monitoring with insights

Analytics. Track content performance on multiple channels

Quicker and higher chances of approval

Seamless integration and one-time setup

You'd be in good company

We work with a broad range of publishers big and small in numerous countries

$ 100M

Paid out to publishers so far


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Median increase in Revenue

Start syndicating your content to  boost your revenue and growth

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Use data to enhance your content  strategy and performance

Nordot is constantly evolving to deliver tools to help publishers gain more control and insights on their content.


Introducing the License management

Automatically share as much or as little content as you wish with the upcoming tool that offers you even more control and parameters.

  • Pre-approve publishers
  • Set content volume restrictions
  • Control usage and visibility limits
  • Licensee picks compliant content
  • Track usage and revenue via dashboard



Deeper Insights by Nordot system

Your data is disconnected and spread out across your site and multiple distribution channels with limited utility. Nordot's upcoming tool offers you:

  • Complete control over your data, using predictive AI.
  • Get actionable insights into what content performs better with your ideal audience.
  • Smart nudges guide your decisions to maximize your content's performance.



People love us because we consistently deliver results you can take to the bank.

"Nordot enables us to reach new markets and revenue sources. Their expertise in performance-based models and excellent technical guidance on improving visibility and performance are invaluable. We appreciate the regular dialogue and insights provided by the Nordot team, as well as their constant efforts to maximize our readership and associated income."

Marion Struck

Director, International Sales at DPA (Deutsche Presse-Agentur GmbH)

“I love the fact that as a publisher, I can get my content out to more audiences at no cost through Nordot. I feel like Nordot truly has managed to solve the tricky problem of content delivery like no one in the industry has before.”

Joe Gandelman

Editor-in-Chief at The Moderate Voice

"Nordot enables us to access premium content rapidly, and easily, for Sony News Suite.We can enhance news content specific to a region and gain greater market share for our app, while enhancing the content experience for our Xperia as well as Android users."

Yoshinori Taniwaki

General Manager at Sony Network Communications Inc.

"Thanks to Nordot, PsyPost is now syndicated on MSN and the SmartNews app, which can both generate a hefty number of pageviews. I would not be able to reach these audiences otherwise."

Eric W. Dolan

Founder & Editor at



Powering collaborative journalism

We see collaborative journalism as the future of media, and want facilitate collaboration over competition through shared newsrooms.

Empowering through technology

We strongly believe in the power of technology, and want to use it as a driver to breakdown barriers in the media industry.

Making space for sustainable news

We think nurturing organic news communities is the path forward, and see ourselves as champions in driving sustainable media.

Aya Uryu

Chief Executive Officer

Satoru Imamura (Lee)

Chief Technology Officer

Setu Anurag Mulpuri

Vice President - Operations

Bhaargav Kosuri

Strategic Advisor

Naoya Muramatsu

Product Lead

Lenin Bardeskar

Customer Success Manager

Ihor Kosovych

Data Analyst

Ai Sasaki

QA Engineer

Everything to Gain

Higher revenue and farther reach is a click away when you partner with Nordot

Have questions?

How much does Nordot cost?

We never charge any upfront fees when you work with us. It is completely free to sign up! We only charge a 19% revenue share fee from the revenue you earn through us!

What are all the channels Nordot has access to?

We currently work with MSN, Smartnews, SamsungNews, OperaNews, AquireMedia, Yahoo News etc to name a few. We are always on the lookout for more distribution channels, and will keep adding to the list, and find more channels to bring value to our publisher’s content

How do I deliver my content to you?

The most common practice is to receive a full-text RSS 2.0 feed from the publisher, and our proprietary delivery system does the rest! All we need for you is to provide us your full-text RSS feed.

Is my content safe?

Yes, we take utmost care in processing, storing and sharing your content. Our data handling policy is in line with industry standard authentication and encryption practices.

Will getting on external channels hurt my own domain traffic and SEO?

In our experience this is seldom the case. Infact, most platforms employ no-follow tags and canonical links which means that your content on your own domain will always rank higher than the same from other channels. Also, these channels provide a great pathway to finding new audiences.

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