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"Nordot enables us to access premium content rapidly, and easily, for Sony News Suite.We can enhance news content specific to a region and gain greater market share for our app, while enhancing the content experience for our Xperia as well as Android users."
Yoshinori Taniwaki
General Manager
Sony Network Communications Inc.
"One advantage is your brand can find new audiences. If someone is visiting MSN or sees a Nordot widget, then they might see a piece of content from one of our sites that they were unfamiliar with...The other advantage is, it’s an additional source of revenue."
Matt Martinelli
Content Director
Madavor Media

"Thanks to Nordot, PsyPost is now syndicated on MSN and the SmartNews app, which can both generate a hefty number of pageviews. I would not be able to reach these audiences otherwise."

Eric W. Dolan
Founder & Editor
“We have made superb progress and continue to excel with Nordot, whose team has enabled us to boost revenue and distribute our brand”
Samantha Ely
Head of Strategy
Bang Media International
“I love the fact that as a publisher, I can get my content out to more audiences at no cost through Nordot. I feel like Nordot truly has managed to solve the tricky problem of content delivery like no one in the industry has before.”
Joe Gandelman
The Moderate Voice

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